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Categorized Results

Categorizing and colour coding the results so you see who's the close match
Phone features

Cue Generator

By using the Cues generator inside the app you can help start conversations seamlessly
Phone features

Built in Chat

You can talk to people at the same event making it all that easier to connect with others.

What's more?

GPS Position

We can accurately find like minded people near you!

Connect with Social/Professional sites

We can help match you more accurately with like-minded peopleyou!


By connecting with your meetup account you can find like-minded people with whom you can connect even before you enter the event

Favorite People

You can not only save a contact but also stay connected through the chat after the event

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Why IceBreakerQ?

    Networking can be a frustrating experience as you are not sure:
  • Who to approach first in a sea of strangers
  • How to start an interesting conversation
  • How to remember the connections you made and follow up later

  • IceBreakerQ will do the hard work for you

    We can expedite the process of finding the right connection before and during a networking event, provide instant cues that enable seamless conversations and thereby significantly enhancing user experience.

Collective HR

B2B Solutions

  1. API solution that has seamless integration with any mobile or desktop solution with integration to any firewall data for profile matching
  2. OEM/White label solution to change the look and feel, integrate with any firewall data for profile matching to provide rich mobile/desktop solution.
  3. For Pricing information related to API solution or OEM/White label please request them to contact us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IceBreakerQ do?

IceBreakerQ is the only mobile application which provides 'Cues' that can help a person "break the ice" in a professional or social gathering. It also allows you to chat with people upfront and also store their contacts for future reference. With Meetup integration, the application provides insights even before you go into an event.

When can we use this app?

You can use our application to strike a meaningful conversation with anyone in any social or professional event.

Is it mandatory to answer all 10 questions?

Yes. This enhances the capability to do accurate matching

Do people around me need to have the application open to be made visible through the app?

Yes. But if you have linked your meetup group then you can receive pre-notification of like-minded people to connect with even before you enter an event.

Why do I need to connect social sites? Is it mandatory?

The more social networks you link, the more comprehensive and accurate the cues you'll receive. It is mandatory to atleast connect Facebook or Linkedin.

Is my data safe and kept private?

Your data is safe and protected in our servers over an encrypted and secure SSL connection. The profile data resides in storage cache and expires once you delete your IceBreakerQ account. We are very serious about privacy and will always take strong measures to keep your data safe. While we restrict access to your information to only those employees who need access to perform their job functions, such as our customer service personnel and technical staff, we respect your privacy and will not share your information with any third party websites. More importantly, we maintain strict internal policies and controls to ensure the highest level of physical, network, and data security.

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